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will convert the Photos app to Photoshop

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The long-awaited arrival of the Artificial intelligence to the iPhone with iOS 18 promises to mark a before and after in the user experience of the Californian company's best-selling device. Thanks to the emergence of this technology, Apple will enhance the capabilities of its ecosystem, opening a range of possibilities of all kinds, which will range from a better user experience to greater efficiency and security, transforming the way we interact with our terminals.

On the occasion of the event that will take place this afternoon and in which Apple will presumably present the new iPad and Apple Pencil, a clue has been revealed that could well mean the entry of the Artificial Intelligence in the Photos app with iOS 18. The application would take advantage of generative AI to offer desired and necessary image editing functionalities that competing devices have already implemented recently, making it a powerful tool Photoshop style.

It's what Photos needs

This rumor has emerged on the occasion of the logo that promotes the Apple event that will take place today, in which, interactively, those who visit the website can “delete” part or all of the apple logo with your finger or mouse. This, which could initially point to an improvement of the Apple Pencil, could also be an allusion to this Artificial Intelligence technology that would arrive at the end of the year and give the definitive leap to the native Photos app.

This technology would allow us delete and correct unwanted elements of our images as if it were a draft and Generative Artificial Intelligence would be in charge of completing the image without being appreciated that we have removed an object, a person or an imperfection in the image.

automatic edit photos iphone

According to people who have been testing the next versions of the Apple software on the iPad, they highlight this function under the name Clean Up, which would appear within the Photos menu and would accompany the existing adjustments, filters and cropping options. It would be a feature similar to Retouches that we have in macOS, but with improved editing capabilities and potential to delete larger objects.

With Clean Up, users will be able to select an area of ​​a photo with a brush tool and delete specific objects of an image. In internal versions of the app, testers can also adjust the brush size to make it easier to remove smaller or larger objects.

Today we will clear up doubts

The long-awaited event will take place this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Spanish time and can be followed through our YouTube channel or on the official Apple account, and it is expected to see two new models of iPad Air and iPad Pro, the latter being equipped with the rumored new M4 chip next generation. This chip could introduce greater AI capabilities through an improved Neural Engine, with at least an increase in the number of cores.

Clean Up is expected to debut alongside Apple's new operating systems in June and reach our terminals in September, although there's always a chance it could be mentioned during today's event. Apple also plans to update Notes, Calculator, Calendar, and Spotlight with iOS 18.

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