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When it comes to keeping your cat’s litter box clean and fighting unpleasant odors, regular sand often turns out to be insufficient. That’s when litters come to the rescue. Choosing the right one that meets the needs of both the cat and the owner is often a serious challenge. Natural wooden cat litter is an excellent solution for many cats.

Clumping or non-caking?

Where does the unpleasant smell from the cat litter box come from?

In addition to the material from which the litter is made, we also need to choose its main properties. Non-clumping litter does not stick to cat fur, perfectly absorbs odors and quickly absorbs moisture. However, compared to the caking variant, it is less efficient. The litter does not clump when in contact with urine, so the entire contents of the litter box should be replaced every few days.

Clumping litter, on the other hand, is suitable for cats of all ages. A properly fitted shape does not irritate the cat’s fur and paws. Additionally, it is easy to remove – wet litter forms small lumps, so only the used part can be removed. Systematic cleaning of the litter box allows you to extend the period of use.

Clumping wooden cat litter

The litter may take the form of smaller or larger sawdust and granules. It is made of wood from deciduous and coniferous trees, so it is natural and biodegradable. Why is wooden cat litter a great solution? You can quickly remove the used part from the litter box, and if you need to replace the entire litter box more often, the low price of the litter compensates. Additionally, you can safely throw small amounts into the toilet without the risk of clogging the pipes. Despite contact with urine, it does not stick to the bottom of the litter box. Moreover, the delicate and natural scent of the litter absorbs unpleasant odors without irritating your pet’s sense of smell. The litter is gentle on cats’ paws and is accepted by many cats.

Advantages of wooden cat litter:

  • lekki,
  • natural,
  • highly absorbent,
  • has a delicate woody scent,
  • easy to dispose of,
  • there is little dust.

KrakVet.pl Pet Store

A wide range of high-quality wooden cat litter

JRS Cat’s Best wooden clumping litter


JRS Cat’s Best Smart Pellets litter is made of fully natural, biodegradable ingredients. The specialized formula makes the product also suitable for sensitive cats and allergy sufferers. Thanks to its properties, the product stays clean in the litter box for a long time. The woody scent of the litter is completely safe for animals and does not irritate the sense of smell. Additionally, thanks to its scent, the litter perfectly absorbs unpleasant odors that float in the room with the litter box.

The clumping properties of the litter allow you to easily remove only used fragments, which is why it is efficient and allows you to easily keep the litter box clean. Thanks to its formula, the litter does not stick to the cat’s fur, so it spreads around the room.

Advantages of JRS Cat’s Best litter:

  • easy to dispose of,
  • efficient,
  • natural,
  • ecological,
  • perfectly absorbs unpleasant odors.

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