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York chocolate – chocolate cat


York chocolate is a cat with a quiet temperament. Even though he is sociable, he does not need the owner to pay him a lot of attention. He likes spending time with his family – he willingly engages in fun activities, takes a nap on their lap and often shows affection. Learn more about this delightful breed and better understand its needs.

Basic information


time: 4-8 kg

height: 30–35 cm

ointmentchocolate, chocolate-white, lilac, lilac-white
length of lifefrom 13 to 15 years old
main featuresindependent, sociable, intelligent

Appearance and breed standard

An adult female cat is up to 30 centimeters tall and weighs 4 to 5 kilograms, while a cat is 30 to 35 centimeters tall and weighs between 6 and 8 kilograms.

The length of the coat varies depending on the location on the body – the hair is short near the shoulder blades, while the hair becomes longer around the sides. Acceptable coat colors are chocolate, chocolate-white, lilac, and lilac-white. The head of these cats is medium in size in relation to the body, slightly oblong, with widely spaced ears and almond-shaped eyes. The body is long and well-muscled, and the tail is fluffy and long.

Kittens and breeding

This breed is still relatively unpopular, so it is necessary to adopt a kitten from a foreign breeding farm. Before choosing a farm, make sure it is run ethically. When you buy a cat from a reputable breeder, you can be sure that the kittens are properly socialized.

Kittens of this breed can cost around 700 to 1,200 euros. The price of a kitten depends on the breeding farm and its reputation, as well as on factors such as compliance with the breed standard, the health of the kitten’s parents, and their possible achievements.

History of the breed

The breed is relatively young. The name York Chocolate comes from the place that is considered to be its origin, i.e. from the state of New York, as well as the chocolate color of these cats. As a result of crossing domestic cats in 1983, a new breed of cats was created. Janet Chiefari is considered to be the creator of the breed, who discovered a previously unknown feature in her breeding – a dark brown, almost chocolate color. These cats come from strong, healthy cats from local farms, so they enjoy good health.

They were later crossed with Siamese cats to obtain the desired body structure. Interestingly, the gene responsible for their characteristic chocolate color most likely comes from their Siamese ancestors.

York chocolate was officially registered in 1992.

York chocolate – character and disposition

This breed of cat is very friendly and open to its family members. He is also very sensitive and likes to show his feelings to his guardian. He actively participates in every game, and in the breaks between activities he rests, takes a nap or observes the surroundings. He learns new commands and tricks easily and quickly. When he wants something very much, he can surprise his guardian with his ingenuity. This cat can be independent and will be happy to find a new job when the owner is busy.

When a new, unfamiliar person appears in the environment, the cat keeps its distance. However, after some time, he gets used to the new situation. Treats or games that help overcome initial resistance may be helpful. The cat feels good both in the company of other animals and small children.

Upbringing and training

These cats are very intelligent and learn quickly – they can learn various tricks and can be taught to walk on a leash. During the lesson, ensure a friendly atmosphere and reward the kitten for good behavior with treats and praise. Cats of this breed are naturally curious, so they like to explore their surroundings, so balcony safety nets are also a good idea.

Also make sure that your cat learns to use the litter box from an early age to avoid problems with keeping the house tidy. Litter appropriate to your cat’s preferences will make it easier to learn cleanliness.

Also remember to take care of your cat’s socialization – fortunately, this breed will feel great around other pets and will even get along with dogs. However, these cats can be shy towards strangers and when in contact with a stranger, they may hide and avoid them. Appropriate socialization from an early age should accustom the kitten to the presence of strange people and animals, as well as to reacting to various situations.

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Yorkie chocolate cat toys

Cats of this breed are affectionate, sociable, fun-loving, and curious by nature. It is therefore worth equipping your pet with appropriate cat toys, such as balls, mice and fishing rods. Interactive toys are also an ideal solution for cats of this breed, as they stimulate the cat’s innate hunting instincts and provide the cat with an interesting activity that activates it. Cats of this breed are quite independent and can take care of themselves when the owner is away from home or does not have time to play, but they must be provided with appropriate accessories for this purpose.

There should also be a scratching post in the house where the kitten can rub its claws.

York chocolate – care

Although the dog has thick fur and undercoat, its care is not onerous. The owner should, of course, be systematic in his treatments, but brushing the cat once a week will be sufficient to keep the hair and skin in good condition. During the shedding period, the cat sheds large amounts of hair, so it is worth increasing the frequency of grooming treatments and brushing the cat more often.

Also remember to regularly check the condition of your cat’s oral cavity and take care of the hygiene of its teeth to prevent dental problems. You should also take care of hygiene and regularly check the condition of your cat’s eyes and ears. Its claws should be trimmed as needed.

Diet and nutrition

The high physical activity of a cat means that the owner should carefully select the food that is included in the cat’s daily diet. First of all, you should take into account meeting the daily energy requirement – frequent movement and play mean that the cat needs the right amount of energy to function properly. In addition cat food it should contain large amounts of protein and minerals that will support your pet’s joints and bones. Choose high-quality, complete dry or wet cat food.

Failure to provide enough exercise may result in a tendency to gain weight. Appropriate nutrition combined with the required dose of physical activity are therefore the key to maintaining a healthy weight in your cat. If necessary, consider using a slimming light food.

Cats can also be fed a homemade raw BARF diet, but keep in mind that this requires excellent knowledge of nutritional requirements as well as regular supplementation.

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Health and life expectancy

The breed is very healthy and resistant to changing weather conditions, and does not show any genetic predisposition to specific diseases. They are usually affected by diseases that can occur in all cats – most often, these are dental problems resulting from improper diet or oral hygiene. Pay special attention to regularly checking your cat’s oral health.

In addition, older cats may develop health problems, which often become apparent with age. For this reason, they should be provided with an appropriate diet and, if necessary, support the senior with supplements for the cat – for example for joints.

These cats usually live for about 13-15 years.

Who is the breed suitable for?

These cats are extremely sociable and affectionate, with a friendly, balanced disposition. For this reason, they are perfect companions for families with children, as well as for the elderly. They easily find a common language with other animals, including dogs.

These cats are quite independent, so you can count on your pet to take care of itself when you don’t have time for it. Just equip your pet with appropriate toys and accessories and it will take care of the fun itself.


  • very sensitive,
  • attached to its owner,
  • likes to have fun together,
  • is caressing,
  • easy to care for,
  • feels good in the company of other animals,
  • suitable for families with children.


  • may have a tendency to gain weight,
  • not very popular breed.

Popular names

Cat names Names for female cats
Charlie, Bruno, Benek, Felix, Gizmo, Fluffy, Salem, Rysio, Leo, Heban, Elvis, Caesar, Hector. Lola, Choco, Myszka, Pchełka, Nutka, Bajka, Figa, Gratka, Fanta, Pestka, Inka, Chanel.

Frequently Asked Questions

York chocolate cena

The price of cats is around 700 to 1,200 euros.

York chocolate cat breeding

There are no breeding farms of this breed in Poland, so you have to take into account the need to purchase it from a foreign breeding farm.

York chocolate weight

These cats weigh between 4 and 8 kg.

York chocolate life expectancy

These cats live for approximately 13 to 15 years.

York chocolate charakter

These cats are sociable, but somewhat independent. They can be shy towards strangers. They learn quickly, are energetic and emotional.

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Date of publication: 30/09/2020

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