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you can finally play the PSP on your iPhone

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The PSP, launched by Sony in 2004, was one of the first portable consoles to offer high-quality graphics and awide range of titles. Now, thanks to the emulator that we bring you today, we can relive our childhood from the comfort of our iPhone. This application may be removed from the App Store in the next few hours, so run and download it.

The PSP lands on your iPhone

PPSSPP, a popular PlayStation Portable game emulator, is now available for players to enjoy their favorite video games, full of nostalgia and memories of our long-awaited childhood.

Apple has officially welcomed PPSSPP, a popular PSP emulator, to the App Store. This is a significant step in the Californian company's approach to emulators, which are increasingly accepted in its application store. Furthermore, these emulators are devouring the lists of top downloads weekly.

PSP iPhone

The application is available to be downloaded by any user directly from the App Store and promises to deliver a high-fidelity gaming experience on iOS devices, supporting a wide range of PSP titles.

In order to run this emulator, your iPhone must have the version of iOS 12.0 or higher. The emulator also supports the iPad, iPod Touch and Vision Proso players can enjoy their favorite PSP games on multiple Apple devices.

The app developer has a support page detailing how to get games for PPSSPP. PSP games downloaded from PSN on a real PSP can be transferred to your iPhone and played directly. In addition, the application has a small selection of free games that you can play without having to do anything.

Policy change at Apple

Although Apple's tradition in relation to this type of applications has been to ban them from the App Store, now it seems that the Cupertino company is more open, accepting these apps even though they run external code. This has been the case as a result of a change in its policy, which since last April has been allowing entry to this type of applications.

PSP iPhone

Developers must ensure that any software loaded into an app meets various guidelines and complies with all applicable laws, including add-ons and ROMs.

The PSP emulator for iPhone allows users to enjoy classic games from Sony's portable console directly on their mobile devices. With an intuitive interface and touchscreen-friendly controls, players can revive iconic titles with remarkable graphic quality. In addition, the emulator offers options for saving and loading games, making it easier to continue playing the game at any time. This emulator transforms the iPhone into a versatile entertainment platform, combining nostalgia with modern technology.

With the arrival of PPSSPP on the App Store, fans of retro games on iOS devices have reason to celebrate. This openness to emulators reflects a exciting change in Apple policy. Now, nostalgia for the PSP classics can easily be revived on our modern Apple devices.

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