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You can now edit photos with Artificial Intelligence on your iPhone with this app

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Photo editing has undergone a significant revolution thanks to advances in Artificial intelligence. Over the past decade, AI-based technologies have transformed the way photographers edit and enhance their images. From automatic color correction and removal of unwanted objects, to generating entirely new images from existing data, AI is redefining the boundaries of what can be achieved in photographic post-production.

For this, we have the incredible free application Lightroom, de Adobe. This popular and versatile photo editor has today added the option to edit photos through Artificial Intelligence, which takes our iPhones to another level in terms of photography. With this update, Lightroom leverages AI to deliver powerful, accessible tools designed to facilitate and streamline the process photo editing.

Photo editing through AI

Adobe today launched new features powered by its Firefly AI technology for Lightroom users on iPhone, iPad, Mac, as well as on the web, Android, and PC. New capabilities include tools like Generative Remove y Lens Blurin addition to a renewed “mobile editing experience.”

lightroom ia

Today, Adobe introduced Generative Remove in Adobe Lightroom, bringing the magic of Adobe Firefly directly to everyday photo editing workflows across Lightroom's mobile, web, and desktop platforms. Generative Remove is the removal tool Lightroom's most powerful yet, allowing any user to non-destructively remove unwanted objects from a photo with a single click, by intelligently matching the removed area with pixel-perfect generation for high-quality, realistic and stunning results.

Along with Generative Remove, the other AI-powered tool is Lens Blur for Lightroom, which allows users to “achieve blur effects.” aesthetic blur on any photo with a single click.”

Apple, are you turnedo

Additionally, this version includes several significant improvements plus new AI features. Expanded connection support for new cameras, such as the Sony Alpha 7 IV and Alpha 7R V, enables real-time access to photos in Lightroom Classic, streamlining editing workflows and improving team collaboration.

Adobe Lightroom

The HDR optimization, already used in millions of images, allows you to edit and export photos with brighter highlights, deeper shadows and more vivid colors. Plus, instant access to photo libraries in mobile and desktop apps speeds up editing. Finally, the new mobile editing experience optimizes the toolbar to prioritize the most used functions, making editing faster and more intuitive.

Apple is falling behind in the field of Artificial Intelligence compared to competitors such as Google and Microsoft, who have made significant advances in generative AI and virtual assistants. However, Apple has a history of innovation and adaptation. With its strong ecosystem, financial resources and research and development talent, Apple is expected to rise in the sector. The company has already started investing in Siri improvements and new AI applications on your devices. The combination of its focus on privacy and usability could give it a competitive advantage in the future.

In this way, and until Apple introduces iOS 18 on our iPhones, it stands as the ideal option to have this photo editing technology on our Apple terminals.

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