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You can now publish statuses of up to 1 minute, this is how it is done step by step – Teach me about Science

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One of the most important features of WhatsApp for its users is the number of updates it releases throughout the year, the improvements the application makes in terms of privacy and security protection, as well as the new functions it adds to further improve the functionality. experience and ease of use. With these qualities, many users prefer it over other applications such as Telegra, Line, Viber among others.

This year is no exception, in addition to rectangular WhatsApp statuses, the transfer of nearby files, QR code reading, stories with music and song lyrics, improvements have been found in the WhatsApp desktop and WhatsApp web versions.

WhatsApp does it again, now it surprises us with an amazing function that many of us were waiting for and that you will surely love, today we share all the details and steps so you can publish WhatsApp statuses up to 1 minute, which will allow you to better express your thoughts, ideas and the activities you are doing, so pay close attention.

How to publish stories of up to 1 minute on WhatsApp?

According to the information portal Depor, to perform this trick that will surprise your friends and contacts you just have to follow the steps that we share below.

If you want to share longer videos in your WhatsApp statuses, now you can do it, just follow these steps to become a beta tester and enjoy this incredible new feature:

First: Access the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Second: Find the application «WhatsApp».

Third: Scroll down until you find the option to become a “beta tester.” If you can't find it, you can access it through the following link: link to become a WhatsApp beta tester.

Launching statuses of 1 minute, credits to WhatsApp from Meta

Room: Accept the conditions and wait for the beta version of WhatsApp to download.

Quinto: Open the beta app and go to the “What's New” tab.

Sixth: Select the “My Status” section.

Seventh: Choose a video that is longer than 30 seconds.

Octavo: This is the last step, and you have a pleasant surprise, because now you can extend the crop bar up to 1 minute to share your favorite moments.

Enjoy this new way to express yourself on WhatsApp!

Additional Tips to Consider

The one-minute statuses feature is only available for WhatsApp beta users on Android. The beta version may not be as stable as the official version, so be very patient when performing these tests. If for some reason you don't like it or other features, remember that you can exit the beta program at any time.

Share your experiences and opinions about this new feature in the comments, this way you can support other tasters to choose updates wisely if they are worth trying.

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