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you will be able to use your eyes to navigate on your iPhone

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Apple has always been known for its security features and accessibility, in addition to the rest of the brand's premium features. And today, he returns to the fray with a new announcement about several of them that have left us speechless, and no wonder.

So let's go over them. They are those types of tools that you don't miss until you really need them, so we are sure that many people, today, will be shocked and excited by the announcement. Without further waiting, let's see them.

Accessibility improvements on iPhone and iPad

There would be 3 main improvements that we will see today, however, they are not at all negligible, and they are all very interesting. In addition, we can have them available on both iPad and iPhone.

  • Eye Tracking: It allows all those users with physical disabilities to be able to control the brand's devices with their eyes, that is, they will not have to touch the iPhone or iPad to open an application, or navigate through a menu. All this thanks to the front camera and the applied AI.
  • Music Haptics: This tool would be designed for people with hearing problems. If you are one of them, you will know what I am talking about. This type of user can feel the vibrations and even the music through them, in a different, but very satisfying way. Apple wanted it to also happen on its devices, and has prepared this function with a Taptic engine that will reproduce refined vibrations to the rhythm of the music, so that you can feel it better.
  • Vocal Shortcuts: You can configure a custom expression to launch different shortcuts through Siri, from calling someone in an emergency, or simply taking a screenshot, if you have physical problems that prevent or make difficult the task of pressing several buttons at the same time, although It's designed for any other shortcut you can think of.

In addition, they have added other features such as Vehicle Motion Cues, which is designed for those people who get dizzy looking at a mobile phone in motion. Now, thanks to animated dots on the screen, you will reduce sensory conflict and your feeling of dizziness will be much less.

Using accessibility for FaceTime

However, this is not all, and there are additional small updates that may interest you, such as an improvement in the entrance Braille of the blind, or an improvement in text sizes, using virtual TrackPad, etc. You can read the entire statement and its characteristics through the official statement that we leave you here.

This is just the beginning. With iOS 18 and AI improvements we will begin to see new features and improvements for all types of people. I still remember one of the reasons why I bought an iPhone, and that is that, a decade ago, it let you customize which ear you wanted the music to be heard the most, being able to mark a 70/30 if your hearing was that, and so on. not noticing the discomfort for either of them, being more realistic and uniform.

And you, what do you think of all this? Is there any feature that will make your life simpler thanks to its incorporation? Leave us a comment with your impressions.

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