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Apple is a company that has a large number of products in its catalog. The iPhone, the Mac or the Apple Watch are the most popular, to name a few examples. However, just as they have solutions for the public, they also have products that they use internally. In this article we come to show you a new product that they have launched, and they have done it silently. And we already told you that it will not be possible to buy it.

Apple Stores work with the company's devices and software, in the vast majority of their areas. Although it is true that certain aspects Californians can opt for third-party devices, on this occasion, we bring you a product that they have recently launched.

Not only can it not be purchased, but its function has nothing to do with what an iPad or iPhone can do. Likewise, its design is not at all in line with the devices that are available to the general public. do you want to know what is it about? We'll show you below!

Apple's new product is called Presto

The English-speaking news outlet MacRumors has released this information. A few months ago, from this same medium, we already told you about several patents regarding this device: a product that was capable of updating iPhones, without taking them out of the house. Now this has taken shape, it will go into operation next April in stores distributed in the United States, and it already has its own name: Presto.

Its design is very particular. In fact, if you look at the image they share from MacRumorsyou can see how it can pass for a product from any other brand. It is a shelf with modules distributed horizontally, and where the device boxes are inserted inside.

Apple Store

How Presto works

And what does Presto do? If the iPhone is inserted into the module, Presto is capable of turning it on remotely, and installing a software update. In fact, that is the goal: that all devices sold in stores already have the latest version that has been released, so that users do not have to update it after configuring it.

update iOS 15.4.1

As for the exact functioning of Presto, this is, at the moment, unknown in depth. It is only known that he is capable of communicating with an iPhone to turn it on, without it having to be taken out of the box. Likewise, they make known that Update time varies between 15 and 30 minutes. The good thing about this system is that Apple Store employees will be able to place a generous amount of products (the exact amount is not known) and they will all be updated at the same time, simultaneously. Thanks to this, a lot of time will be saved, both for users and for employees.

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