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You will be surprised by the similarities between the 1983 Macintosh and the Apple Vision Pro

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The Vision Pro and the Macintosh are a reflection of the company's future

Macintosh 1982 2

The Vision Pro have received numerous positive references, but they have also received a large number of negative reviews, which refer mainly to the fact that it is a niche and very expensive product. However, if we analyze the history of Applethe original Macintosh, that is, the 1984 model, received almost the same opinions that the revolutionary Cupertino product is currently facing.

If the company led by Steve Jobs had listened to the public and stopped the development and production of the second generation of Macintosh, the history of humanity and the Californian company would have been completely different.

Brief review of history

Macintosh 128K

When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak released the first generation Macintosh, most users were shocked by the user interface and mouse.

The current memory of this original desktop computer is what we indicated in the previous paragraph, not the harsh criticism that the most valuable company in the world received.

What does this remind us of? Many of the reviews of Apple's new computing computer talked about a product revolutionary with an interface and a design ahead of its time.

In fact, when this team was launched it did not have an internet connection (the internet existed, but it was only available for universities and military teams); it only served to be able process texts and only came with two applications Standard: MacWrite and MacPaint. Its limitations were so great that it did not have Microsoft Excel, since it was not launched until 1985.

We could continue delving into the complexities of its launch, since this beautiful device had very limited hardware, a White screen y negro y 128K RAM. In fact, there was no hard drive, only floppy disks.

As for the price, it had a exorbitant price for the 80s of the last century, since it cost $2,500. If we add current inflation to this figure, it would be an equivalent of 7,470 dollars.

Obviously, the first generations did not obtain the expected results, but it is true that they established the bases for the success that current generations have had.

The Vision Pro will have their moment

If we carefully analyze the characteristics of this product, the Vision Pro bears great similarities to the original Apple computer. However, the most notable thing is that both are terribly expensive and impractical devices, with prices that, today, are difficult to justify, unless the buyer has the money to spare, wants to develop apps with the pro vision or be a content creator.

The real success of the Macintosh was the great PageMaker application, an application that gave this computer a reason for being.

Vision Pro from behind

In this sense, the apple computing computer It needs its star application, an application or applications that make it unnecessary to justify its price because the user will notice that this equipment is going to improve their life. The basis for this is already on the market: its hardware. In the near future, when the developers If you allocate resources for it, it will be able to replace not only a monitor, but your own computer.

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