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The way we interact with technology devices has changed a lot in recent years. Likewise, those same teams that we control have also changed. One of the great turning points, which we have been able to see in 2023, is the Apple Vision Pro. Its operating system is nothing like the company's other products. However, in the line of being disruptive, Apple wants to go one step further. Do you want to know how? We tell you!

It has been the specialized medium Patently Apple who has echoed the document that the apple company has managed to register in the US Patent Office. The name of the invention is «Tracking Devices for Handheld Controllers» and the objective is the possibility of managing any equipment in the ecosystem using motion sensors. But that's just the iceberg bitch.

using Apple Vision Pro

Managing Apple devices in the future

The first thing to keep in mind is to understand how this management change is intended to be carried out. There are two parts that are involved: the first, the device with the motion sensor. The second, a physical object that is capable of taking input from users and that, in turn, can provide responses according to the action we have taken. To do this, this device that we would use to interact could include elements such as:

  • Movement and inertia measurement elements
  • Hand gesture tracking elements
  • Wireless communications circuits
  • Markers indicating position or reference
  • Some type of system that allows the user to receive a signal that the input that has been sent has been interpreted correctly (Hapitc vibration is mentioned, mainly)

The objective of all this is that whoever handles this interaction device with the sensors has the certainty that the instructions they are giving are being given correctly. Furthermore, as far as handling is concerned, the possibility of having more than one device of this type is indicated. They even say that “a tracking device can be attached to a portable input device to improve tracking accuracy,” they explain.

In the images they share of the document, the following scenario is observed:

  • A hand that handles a pencil, to which another device is attached
  • An electronic device with tracking cameras

Regarding the device that has the cameras, it is mentioned that this can be «a future version of the Vision Pro, an iPhone, an iPad, an iMac, a MacBook, smart glasses and more«, explican desde Patently Apple.

Macbook Air 13 Y 15 2024

As for the device used to interact, it is shown how there can be two, which act as one. At the same time, however, it also happens that these two can behave independently, and in the same way, be detected by this receiving device.

The future of control of Apple devices involves an interaction that goes beyond touch, keyboards, mice, trackpads and Apple Pencils. At the moment it is a patented system, so we just have to wait and see in which products (and in what way) they will implement it.

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