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your 10-core iPad Air actually has 9

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At its event on May 7, Apple presented the new iPad Air from 2024 with the M2 chip, did so by stating that it included a chip with 10 GPU cores, which is standard in this version of the processor. However, he has recently modified the specifications website for this iPad model, and we now see that he says that the chip has a 9-core GPU, instead of the 10 that he originally said. This typographical error, which initially went unnoticed, has finally been recognized by the company after several speculations and reports from users.

Over the weekend, several users noticed a change in the specifications of the new iPad Air on Apple's official website, where it had been corrected number of cores GPU from ten to nine. This sparked significant debate over the accuracy of the information provided by Apple at the product launch.

Apple admits the mistake

Apple's original press release stated: “The M2 chip brings a huge increase in performance to the iPad Air, with an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU. » This specification was also reflected on the Apple Store home page and product support pages.

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Apple has issued a statement to a specialized media outlet confirming that the original list of ten cores was a typographical error. “We are updating to correct the GPU core count of the iPad Air with M2,” the company stated. “All performance claims for the iPad Air with M2 are accurate and based on a GPU de 9 núcleos.» Apple's specs page already reflects this change, and the text in the initial press release has also been updated to indicate that the GPU features nine cores.

Impact on iPad Air performance

According to Apple, all claims about the performance of the iPad Air with M2 compared to the model with M1, which promised increases of up to 50%, are correct. As noted in the initial report, the lack of a 10th core in the GPU is reflected in the device's benchmark scores, which are about 10% lower than those of Apple's MacBook Air with M2 and iPad Pro with M2.

Despite this error, the iPad Air with M2 is still a powerful device and high quality. However, some early buyers will understandably be disappointed to discover that their device lacks one of the advertised GPU cores. Although this discrepancy does not significantly affect the overall performance of the device, transparency and accuracy in communicating specifications is crucial to maintaining consumer trust.

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The iPad Air with M2 is still a great option for many users, but those looking for the best Apple iPad can consider the new iPad Pro with M4. This model not only features a more powerful GPU, but also a significantly improved OLED display and the new M4 chip, which offers superior performance compared to the M2.

While the lack of a GPU core doesn't make a huge difference in performance for most users, the situation highlights the need for clear and accurate communication from manufacturers.

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