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Can you buy refurbished iPhones at k-tuin?

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When someone is looking for a new iPhone or a discounted Apple product, they usually look at k-garden. In the end, it is logical, since as the largest official Apple Premium Reseller in Spain, it offers a wide range of Apple products, with the brand's official warranty and technical service. But,sells refurbished iPhones?

If we look at the brand's website, we can find prices of all kinds on all iPhone models– From the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max to the third-generation iPhone SE. You also have MacBooks, iPads, iMacs, AirPods and the entire range of Apple products, along with cases, chargers, cables, adapters and everything you need to accompany your devices.

Does k-tuin sell refurbished iPhones?

However, if you are looking for a reconditioned product, you know, phones, computers, iPads or similar that have gone through a rigorous review process and, if necessary, repair by experts in the brand, you have not come to the right place.

As indicated on the store's own website, both online and at its physical points of sale, Refurbished iPhones are not sold. All the apple products that you see in their catalog are new and have a three-year warranty. Of course, you can buy many of them taking advantage of exclusive offers and promotions, paying in cash, or in installments in different installments with the store's special financing.

Where to buy a refurbished iPhone?

If you are looking for a Cheapest refurbished iPhone, and save some money in exchange for trying the honeys of iOS and the exclusivity of Apple phones, you can always turn to Amazon. In the products section refurbished from Amazon you can find iPhone at lower prices than new ones. However, it is important to note that Amazon refurbished iPhones are not sold or certified by Apple, so the warranty and service may not be the same as a new iPhone, of course.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Amazon

Of all the offers on Apple phones that have already been reviewed by the store, we are obliged to recommend this iPhone 12 Pro, a very powerful mobile today and that will receive iOS 18 and that barely costs 400 euros, that is, quite a bargain.

But, if you want security above all, Apple also offers a refurbished iPhone sales program with official brand guarantee. The prices of reviewed and repaired iPhones in the Apple online store are usually higher than those on Amazon, but you can be sure that you are buying a product with Apple's official warranty and technical service. In this case, unlike 100% new equipment from k-gardenlos refurbished iPhone that you find in the Apple Store, despite being certified by the American firm, only have a one-year warranty and, yes, the brand's classic commitment to products refurbished and certified by themselves.

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