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Apple 2030 is the strategy for the good of the planet

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The strategy is that the entire manufacturing process from design to disassembly is based on renewable energy and reusable materials so that in the future we will not have to depend on mining and reduce emissions. If you want to know some of the products, keep reading as we tell you about them.

The progress is demonstrated by the numbers

There have been several pieces of news that have been published on this website about the progress that Apple has made to promote environmental sustainability. It was already in September 2023 when it presented its first carbon-neutral products. More than 320 of the Apple suppliers have committed to use 100% renewable electricity by 2030, generated by solar, wind and other sources. They are also eliminating plastic from packaging, replacing it with fiber and prioritizing low emission transport such as maritime and rail transport and electric vehicles, achieving reduce emissions by more than 20%. They also recover materials to recycle them thanks to the Daisy disassembly robot.

Thanks to the Apple Watch presented in 2023, Co2 emissions have been reduced, decreasing since 2015 by more than 55%.

Apple environment

Apple devices designed with nature in mind

Some of the latest products presented by said company already have recycled materialssuch as the MacBook Air that your composition is 50% with reusable materials: reusable cobalt in the battery and Magsafe connector magnets, Printed circuit boards, Magnets with 100% recycled rare earth elements. Also the apple watch cases are made of 100% recycled aluminumas well as Mac cases.

For some wallets they use a fine braided fabric with 68% reusable material and has a feel similar to suede.

On the other hand, Apple wants to guarantee the safety of its employees and makes available on its official website the rigorous program that it has implemented using a smarter chemistryyou can also check their progress with the commitment to climate change thanks to the documents published on their website.

On the other hand, Apple wants to somehow engage its users by offering them a discount on their products if they hand in their old devices or have the possibility of recycling them for free. You can renew, trade in and save by getting a discount on your next Apple device or redeem it for a gift card to use later. With this method you can check the renewal value of your device and they will give you a gift card for their products so you can use it whenever you want. So if any of you are not yet committed to changing for the environment, surely with these Apple discounts you will collaborate in some way in caring for the planet to reduce carbon emissions and use reusable materials for your next devices.

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