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New EU regulations increase tension with Apple

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Apple and the European Union have had a complex and constantly evolving relationship when it comes to regulations. Over the years, the EU has played an active role in the technology industry regulation, especially when it comes to competition, data privacy and taxes. In this context, Apple has been subject of various investigations and regulatory actions by the EU, which have given rise to debates about fairness and transparency in the digital market.

The European Union has sought to protect the interests of consumers and promote the fair competition in the technology sector, while challenging large companies like Apple to meet stricter standards for business behavior and social responsibility. Along these lines, the European Commission has approved new legislation on the right to repair that aim to make it more accessible for consumers to repair their broken devices, even if they are out of warranty. Continue reading to find out how it can affect you.

The warranty problem

According to the legislation, the consumer will have an extra year to repair your device under the product warranty, in addition to being able to request a temporary loaner device while yours is under repair. If it cannot be repaired, they must be rewarded with a new product reconditioned.

With this new measure, manufacturer brands are forced to repair devices at a reasonable price despite the fact that warranty ended. The legislation will come into force after formal approval by the Council.

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In addition, the use of hardware or software arguments to refuse repair will be prohibited, in addition to the prevention of the use of second-hand parts or parts manufactured with 3D printers. Nor may manufacturers refuse to repair a product solely because of economic reasons or because it has been previously repaired by other person. On the other hand, companies must publish information about their repair services, including indicative prices for the most common repairs.

Consequences on Apple

“The right of consumers to repair products will now become a reality,” said European Parliament rapporteur René Repasi. “It will be easier and cheaper to repair rather than buy expensive new items. This is a significant achievement in the commitment to empower consumers in the fight against climate change. The new legislation extends legal guarantees by 12 months when opting for repair, provides better access to spare parts and ensures easier repair, cheaper and faster.”

Apple will be harmed by this measure, especially because is prohibited repair products that have been opened and repaired by third parties. Currently, if a part of the device is replaced by a part of unofficial spare part, Apple software may not recognize it. Therefore, the new EU rules would go in the opposite direction to this maxim of the Cupertino company.

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