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The first iPad Air 2024 cases go on sale

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The 2024 iPad Air is one of the great (and long-awaited) novelties that Apple has in store for us this year. Although it has not yet been presented in society, the truth is that this has not been an impediment for us to start seeing accessories for this device. Although it would be logical to think that the product arrives first and then the accessories, there are times when third-party manufacturers already have the necessary information to make the covers, and in certain cases, be able to make them and get ahead of the rest of the competition. .

In this case, the accessories that have gone on sale are not official Apple. This is a well-known manufacturer, ESR, who is already a veteran in designing and selling accessories for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. The arrival of these products is forecast for the month of May, but that is not an impediment for their accessories to be in process. Do you want to know all the details of these covers? We already told you that they reveal a lot about the tablets that are yet to come.

Meet the first iPad Air 2024 cases

Through its official store on the US Amazon website, the manufacturer ESR has already put on sale, in dedicated sections, several cases for the upcoming iPad Air models. Are They are protective on the back, front and magnetic, in hybrid format. In addition, they will include space to store the Apple Pencil (2nd generation and USB type C) also in the case itself.

To this type of cases, which they call “hybrid”, there is also another type of case that is made of transparent silicone. The manufacturer assures that these are thin, and to illustrate this, they also reveal a very important characteristic of these iPads: thickness. With the case on, they explain that only 1.5 millimeters would be added to the measurements of the tablets. However, they also show images of how these covers could be placed.

funda ipad air 2024

However, beyond the functions and design of the cases, thanks to the visual support, some of the characteristics of the new models… 12 inches!

transparent cover ipad air 2024

To begin with, we would have a larger screen, with the same style of thin edges on the sides. The rear camera system would be a single lens, so this trend would be maintained in the Air models. In the same way, The front camera would continue to be in the same position as now. The fact that the position of the front camera has been rotated, at the moment, only seems to be on the tenth generation iPad. All this, with 12.9 inches in size for the first time. And if we look at the colors section, only a tablet is shown in a grey/white color, with the shiny metallic apple logo.

As for the prices, they are in dollars, and for the 12.9-inch 2024 models, we have a range that goes from USD 16.99 to USD 33.99.

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