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What are the side stripes that cell phones have and what is their true function?

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Have you ever wondered why cell phones have stripes on the sides? Contrary to what one would think, it has nothing to do with the aesthetics of the device, so let’s see what this curiosity is about.

Mobile devices are a tool in our daily lives, something that, even if we resist, are a fundamental part of communication between you and your loved ones, friends or colleagues at work or school.

Since these small devices began to exist, they have not stopped undergoing modifications and updates that provide us with more benefits as the days go by.

Cell phones have changed both internally and externally, and in both aspects improvements have been noted; high resolution camera, more storage capacity, mobile data, touch screens, bright colors, goodbye to the keyboard! Unimaginable designs, details that we didn’t know fulfilled a specific function like the stripes.

And it is precisely on this last detail that we will focus on this occasion, have you paid attention to the stripes that some cell phones have on the sides? They are not for mere appearance, since they have a function for our device, so know what it is.

These stripes are generally placed at the top and bottom of our device, just above where the volume up or down buttons are, and at the bottom where the chip compartment is.

Initially, the side stripes are to provide greater coverage, that is, to have a better Wi-Fi network range, Bluetooth (in case you use it), as well as other data networks.

Sharing the internet on another cell phone will also benefit from the simple fact that your mobile device has these side stripes.

Image credit: Mag El Comercio

Do you remember that when you had your first cell phones, the calls were difficult to hear or there were times when you heard a strange noise? Well guess what, the calls will be heard much better than previous cell phones or any other current cell phone that does not have this ‘design’, since it also serves the function of a better signal and without interference.

Clearly, they have a great ‘plus’ which is to give our device a more beautiful and sophisticated view.

So now you know, this is the reason for the stripes on the sides of your cellular device, it is not just mere aesthetics.

It is worth mentioning that not all cell phones today have these stripes, only the most recent and high-end models.

If you know someone who has the same doubt about these curious rays, then tell them what you just learned today, we are sure that you will clear them of a great doubt that they had not given an answer to.

Last but not least, the use of both these mobile devices and any other; laptop, computer, tablet, among others, must be used with extreme responsibility.

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