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A never-before-seen prototype of the Google Pixel Fold is on sale

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A stolen prototype of a Google foldable used during 2021 has appeared for sale on the Internet.

A never-before-seen prototype of the Google Pixel Fold is on sale
A never-before-seen prototype of the Google Pixel Fold is on sale

Google Pixel Fold.

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Almost a year ago we told you about two variants of the Pixel Fold canceled because Google considered that they were not good enough. These variants were known as Pipit y Passport internally, although there was at least one more, known as Jumbo jacketwhich went under our radar at the time this information came to light.

Of Jumbo jacket We want to talk in this article, and that is according to what they tell us from Android Central would have been seen the prototype for sale on the Internet. At least that’s what the always reliable Mishaal Rahman claims, who shared it on X (formerly known as Twitter).

This is Jumbojack, the prototype that never saw the light

This is allegedly “jumbojack”, a prototype Google used to test the Android software experience on foldables before they had working Pixel Fold prototypes. The hardware is Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2 while the software is Android 12L.

According to Rahman, Jumbo jacket It is not a variant that Google canceled because it did not consider it good enough. Rather, it is a testing model while making a decision regarding launching a folding phone or not, which would end up materializing in the Google Pixel Fold.

According to the media, this test phone was used throughout 2021 and it had the hardware of a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The appearance that can be seen in the photos is very similar to that of the Pixel Fold that we would see two years later, so it seems that Google I was already very clear about what its folding would be like. externally at that time. We assume that Samsung gave its blessing to carry out these tests.

And how did the prototype appear for sale on the Internet? Very easy: someone stole it. Rahman hasn’t specified where it can be purchased, so it’s probably a good idea not to try to find it. It’s entirely possible that Google could disable it remotely, so it’s best to stick to what you can obtain legally.

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