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There are already a total of 1000 exclusive applications for visionOS

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visionOS already has more than 1,500 applications, 1,000 of them adapted to the Vision Pro operating system

There are already a total of 1000 exclusive applications for visionOS

The visionOS App Store continues to grow by leaps and bounds

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Apple Vision Pro was launched on February 2 with a wide repertoire of 600 applications adapted for visionOS, the operating system of the company’s first space computer. A number that has almost doubled in two weeks, since now There are 1000 applications available that take advantage of all the benefits of visionOS.

You can now enjoy more than 1000 applications for Vision Pro

As indicated Greg Joswiak on your personal X account, formerly known as Twitter, the application store dedicated to visionOS has surpassed the thousand applications mark. A small milestone that Apple’s senior VP of marketing wanted to thank the developers who have made it possible.

A huge thank you to our developers! Their hard work has already resulted in over 1,000 incredible spatial apps designed specifically for Vision Pro, along with over 1.5 million compatible apps. We’re thrilled to see how they’ll continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible.

— Greg Joswiak (@gregjoz) February 13, 2024

Nails 1000 applications are already adapted to visionOSwhile More than 1500 are available for Vision Pro. This achievement has been possible thanks to the fact that iPad applications are compatible with Apple’s space computer. In other words, iPad apps can be used on the Vision Pro, although it’s not ideal.

It’s important to note that iPadOS app support for visionOS is optional for developers. We have seen how applications like Netflix, Spotify o YouTube They have refused to make them compatible. However, in the case of the online video platform streaming owned by Google, they have already confirmed that there will be an adapted version of their application.

Vista frontal de Apple Vision Pro

The design of Apple Vision Pro will not be ideal until its fifth generation

Although there are already many interesting applications for vision os, such as entertainment services like Disney+, Max or some Apple Arcade games like Super Fruit Ninja, most of the apps are not relevant enough for users. Additionally, the fact that some of the most popular apps are not available, and look like they won’t be, presents a bit of a hurdle for the Vision Pro.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the Apple device has been on sale for approximately two weeks and the arrival of new applications will occur over time. Many developers are still evaluating whether it is worth developing an adapted application or not.

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