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How to see old streets on Google maps in high quality? This is how it is done step by step – Teach me about Science

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Google Maps is one of the most popular and important applications for GPS navigation, it is together with Waze in the top of the most used. It comes installed from the factory on all cell phones with the Android operating system. It has been offering free, highly accurate GPS navigation for many years, and the best of all is that it has added very interesting functions to improve your experience.

Among the improvements we can see that it has added the function of being able to see the weather at the destination we want to reach, it allows us to see the traffic in real time, it shows us alternative streets for our route, if a route has tolls or not, if there are police officers present on the route, if there is an accident or car mishap, and also allows us to explore places from the images that you have captured with your equipment, generating detailed maps (live Street views).

How do you know, some places are constantly updated to offer users real and current information. In case there is any modification to your route, you will be notified and you can also see the changes that occurred in a certain street or place of interest. However, for some people it is important to see what a street looked like before, how it currently looks or how it may look like later, and Google Maps has a solution for this.

Today we will share the steps so that you can see old streets in Google Maps but without them suffering any alteration in terms of quality and allowing you to “travel in time” virtually, we are sure that you will love it so pay close attention .

Travel back in time with Google Maps: discover how to see old streets

Can you imagine exploring your hometown in the past? Google Maps It allows you, that's right, although you didn't expect this function, it is now possible through Street Viewyou can access historical images of streets and cities, offering a window to the past and allowing you to observe urban development over time.

How can you do it?

Below, we share the steps so you can activate this function from your PC, cell phone, tablet or other device, so pay close attention:

What did a place look like through the years? Credits to Infobae

First: Open Google Maps in a web browser from a PC.

Second: Click on the Street View doll icon.

Third: Move it to the area you want to see in the past.

Room: Click the clock icon or “See more dates.”

Quinto: Move the controller to see how the preview changes.

Sixth: Click on the year and the image you want to see larger.

What should you take into account?

The availability of historical images varies by location, densely populated urban areas typically have more images, no additional software is required.

More than a navigation tool, Google Maps becomes a visual archive of our environments, allowing us to observe how cities and neighborhoods have changed over time.

More interesting information for you

Google Maps also allows you to see “phantom congestions”, which are traffic jams that the application incorrectly indicates, Google is developing a solution to differentiate them from real traffic. Now you can explore the past, present and future with Google Maps, learn this trick and get the most out of this app.

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