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You will finally be able to send photos in HD by default, this is how it is activated – Teach me about Science

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One of the most important aspects of a cell phone is the camera it has, as this will allow us to capture good or medium quality images, as well as high definition videos. Its behavior in areas with low or bright light is also essential for capturing photographs with good lighting, likewise its aperture and the number of megapixels significantly influence the quality of the images.

There are many models on the market that claim to have the best cameras and sensors to satisfy this need of customers, who look for more and better photographs and videos every day, however, one of the main problems we face is that a Once we have taken our photos or video, when it comes to sharing them on social networks you are significantly lost in quality, which represented a real headache. Well, when you took the image and evaluated it on your phone you could notice that it came out very well with good sharpness and high definition, however, when sharing it for example on WhatsApp, this loss of quality was drastic and it could not convey what you really you wanted to express, the same could happen with other meta social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

After so many years of waiting, finally WhatsApp has activated the default function of sending photographs in high definition (HD), this will allow users to share their images without the fear of losing quality. Today we will show you how to configure this useful and long-awaited function.

Goodbye to pixelated photos: WhatsApp will allow you to choose the default quality

Tired of sending blurry photos on WhatsApp? Here's some good news, the most popular messaging app is working on a feature that will allow you to choose the default quality for the images and videos you share.

How does it work?

Choose between “Standard” and “HD” in the Storage and Data settings. The selected quality will be applied to all photos and videos you send. You won't have to manually select HD every time. Among the benefits we found are: Greater comfort for users who want to share photos and videos in high quality, improves the general quality of the images and videos circulating in the application, increases the possibility of users using HD quality.

Setting the images in HD, credits to Wabetainfo

Where is it available?

According to the Wabetainfo portal, currently in testing phase in version of WhatsApp for Android, is expected to be released to all Android users in the coming months. Now, get ready to share high-quality photos and videos with the touch of a button.

If you are a beta taster, you can probably already use this amazing version and start experiencing a way to share images.

As you can see, this function was already very necessary for all devices, both Android and iPhone, because no one likes to share brushed and low-quality images that do not convey what we have really taken with so much dedication. We hope that this trick is very useful to you and we invite you to visit us as many times as you want to learn new things about technology, science and curiosities, have a great week and happy holidays. Share your most memorable moments but in high definition.

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