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Increase your website traffic and learn SEO; 100% FREE online course on Google Analytics – Teach me about Science

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Learn how to use Google Analytics with this free course.

Would you like to increase your website traffic and be an SEO expert? This course is for you, here you will learn several skills that you can apply on your website, which will be of great help to increase marketing and views.

As its name indicates, Google Analytics is a platform that analyzes the data from your website to create accurate reports and make a decision based on them. It gives you the opportunity to know what content is working, what are the most viewed categories and how to improve traffic. In addition, you will be able to know in real time how users interact with your page.

This application is important for all those people who started their virtual business and do not know how to measure the data that Google sends. This platform may confuse you because of the variety of tools, but it's just about learning step by step. It is a true guide that will allow you to analyze the performance of a website or application that joins other great tools such as Google Ads and Search Console.

What is the course about to learn how to use Google Analytics from scratch?

This course is free and offered by Coursera, it is an official training and exclusive materials are included. Practical learning is provided where you can understand the segments, benefits, how to use the system, customization, add parameters, increase your web traffic, improve search engine optimization (SEO), you will learn to collect website analyzes and enhance your marketing.

The advantage of this course is that no extra payment is requested, because it is completely free. You have access to professional guidance, no set schedule, and a flexible schedule to gain experience, solve problems, apply tasks in the real world, and gain the confidence to use this tool. In the end, your knowledge will be supported by a certificate offered by the Coursera platform.

It is worth mentioning that in this course you can learn at your own pace, no downloads are required and it is only available in a desktop version. The training is classified as intermediate level, so you should have the basic notion of what Google Analytics means.

If you want to start getting familiar and start your project, you can register on the Coursera platform and start developing your professional career through a unique interface that includes various teaching and audiovisual materials.


Learn how to use Google Analytics with this free course.

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