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Learn to use Waze without an internet connection, make your vacation trip safe and reliable – Teach me about Science

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The Easter holidays have officially begun for many people who work or are attached to the calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), public servants, students and teachers from different universities and other companies that may be private or public. To reach an unknown destination, many people rely on GPS navigators on their cell phones. The most popular applications for this purpose are Waze and Google Maps, as well as others such as Apple maps.

The objective of the applications is to take people to their destination safely, quickly and efficiently, making some very particular characteristics that allow them to gain people's preference: such as the weather of the place they visit again, the report of fixed speed cameras. and mobile phones, real-time incident reporting or mishaps on the route, the presence of police and even the possibility of browsing without internet.

Without a doubt, for many people Waze is the app preferred for both long and short trips due to its good accuracy, pleasant interface, response speed, alerts and the amazing community it has to report incidents and communicate with other users. Today we will share with you the trick to be able to use Waze without having a stable internet connection, so pay close attention and plan your Easter trips intelligently.

Waze offline: Guide for your Easter trip

Waze is the favorite navigation app for many, now with a renewed interface and an offline mode to make your Easter trips even better.

Why use Waze? A great alternative to Google Maps

This app provides information in real time, Waze shows you the status of traffic, accidents, road works and more, thanks to the user community. The routes can be personalized, this app helps you find the fastest and safest route, considering your preferences and the traffic state. Likewise, it has an intuitive interface, it is very easy to use and allows you to navigate easily.

How to use Waze offline?

Unlike Google Maps, Waze It does not allow you to download full maps. However, you can plan your trip in advance and use the app offline, the steps to do so are as follows.

Plan your trip with an internet connection

Waze app interface, credits to Waze

First: Open Waze and select your destination.

Second: Choose “View routes” and select the route you want. Press “Go Now.”

Third: Deactivate your internet connection, before starting your trip, turn off your Wi-Fi and mobile data. That's it, so you can enjoy Waze offline.

Extra tips to use Waze Without connection:

-Plan your trip in advance and choose the best route.

-Download maps of areas you know you will visit.

-Make sure you have enough battery on your device. If you encounter a dead zone, Waze will show you the last route it calculated. Get ready for a smooth Easter trip with your favorite navigation app.

We hope that this trick allows you to travel safely quickly and without the need to spend data or internet. If you liked this post, remember that you can visit us as many times as you want to learn new things about technology, science, entertainment and other topics. of social interest, have a great week and happy holidays.

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