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The VERY IMPORTANT reason why you should NEVER smile in your passport photo – Teach me about Science

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Traveling is one of the most enriching experiences we can have in our lives. You know new cultures, landscapes and people thus increasing the satisfaction of being able to do something new in our life. But before making a specific trip abroad, there is one document that is essential and that we must all take into account: THE PASSPORT. This document believes our nationality and allows us to visit other countries without the need to take the authorities by surprise and, it is precisely for this reason that its processing and compliance with the requirements partners are essential.

But do you know how you really have to take a photo of this important procedure? We all want our photos of official documents to show us in our best light. Us we strive in fix ourselves and smile when being photographed, but when it comes to the passport, the situation changes.

Have you ever wondered why it is recommended NOT to SMILE in this very important photograph?

According to specialists in travel procedures photography of the passport has guidelines specific that must be followed to avoid future complications. One of the main recommendations is to maintain a neutral expression in the photo. This means avoiding wide smiles or showing teeth. Although it may seem like a minor detail, has an important reason behind it: advances in technology facial recognition.

In the presentmany countries use systems of recognition facial at their airports and entry points to identify the Travellers. These systems They look for matches between image in the passport and the face of traveler in time real. If the expression in passport photo is very different from the current expression of the traveler, these systems could give a false result to correctly identify the person. Therefore, a Photo with a neutral expression facilitates this process and reduces the risk of errors or delays at security checks. Ultimately it's all about you, but digital ID is very precise and you don't want to take one unpleasant surprise when NOT ARRIVING to your destiny for so simple detail.

In your passport photo you must have a face with facial expressions that are as NEUTRAL as possible. SOURCE: The Universe

Another detail more than the passport photo

Besides the expression facialthere are other details that we must take into account when taking passport photo. For example, it is essential that the eyes are wide open and clearly visible. For this reason, glasses are not allowed in the photo.. It is also important that the head is uncovered, avoiding the use of hats, caps or other coveringsunless they are for purely religious reasons.

The photograph must be color and taken on a white background. In addition, it must have specific dimensions, usually about 5cm. These requirements may vary slightly depending on the country that issues the documentbut the majority continues very similar guidelines.

I don't know if you already took the photo of your passportif you have done it you will already know that all this is true and even the same photographers already warn this done when you are going to to take. But if you haven't processed it yet, remember how you should take the photo, your trip will depend, believe it or not, a lot on so simple facial expression in this document.

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