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This will be the new HomePod with a completely renewed design

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In the constant pursuit of technological perfection and excellence in user experience, Apple has introduced the world to the HomePodan engineering masterpiece acoustics and design. Since its launch, this smart speaker has revolutionized the way we enjoy music in our homes, combining exceptional sound with the virtual assistance of Siri, to offer us a unparalleled experience.

With the next version of the device just around the corner, there are many rumors surrounding these products, their screen, their size, etc. Although most HomePod rumors have claimed that Apple will add a screen to a future model, new information shows that the company is considering turning it into a Sound bar horizontal.

Apple resumes development of the HomePod

The HomePod mini has not been updated since its launch in 2020 and, for its part, the original HomePod has not changed substantially since it was announced in 2017. This could lead us to conclude that it is a forgotten device for Apple, to which they do not give much importance or continuity. However, the company continues working on development of the new version of the smart speaker, with a concept with which they intend to revolutionize the market.

The arrival of a HomePod with a large touch screen is something that has been heard repeatedly. Apple has also filed patents that show a kind of integrated screen in the touch-sensitive fabric surrounding the HomePod. However, the latest news does not circulate in that direction.

And recently, Apple has filed a patent related to the design of what appears to be a HomePod horizontal. Instead of the original vertical cylinder or the spherical HomePod mini, this new version would extend to the sides becoming a Sound barwith the speakers distributed widely from a central screen where we could interact with Siri.

This patent is called “audio speaker system” and barely details the development. However, in the patents it is considerably appreciated what would be the new and innovative design, with a remarkable variety of ports. We don't know anything about the size, but apparently it would be a large device.

Uncertain future

This concept reminds us of the Beats Pill range of speakers. In fact, it would not be bad to take into account that this patent could be that of an Apple product in collaboration with Beats. It is not surprising that there are similarities, since one of the two inventors credited on the patent is Robert Brunner, who was Apple design chief from 1989 to 1996 and has since worked with Pentagram and Ammunation Group, who have created headphones for Beats.

However, it must be taken into account that the presence of a granted patent it is not evidence that a product will arrive from neither Beats nor Apple. However, it is evidence that Apple has at least spent some time designing such a model.

In an increasingly competitive market, Apple's HomePod continues to be a symbol of innovation and quality in the listening experience, promising to continue surprising sound lovers with its future evolutions.

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