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This is the true purpose of Apple Arcade

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In a world flooded with mobile games saturated with microtransactions and intrusive advertising, Apple Arcade emerges as an oasis for video game lovers. Launching in September 2019, this Apple subscription service redefined the gaming experience on iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. Based on a wide selection of exclusive and ad-free games, Apple Arcade allows us to enjoy a premium experience with our favorite video games, without micropayments or data tracking.

Apple Arcade changed the mobile gaming landscape, dominated by excessive monetization, with a wave of fresh air with immersive gaming experiences and free of distractions. In a recent interview, Alex Rofman, Apple executive, has developed the initial idea with which Apple Arcade emerged and it will surprise you all. He reads on and discovers why Apple always has the user experience as one of its main objectives.

User experience no matter what

In a recent interview, Apple executive Alex Rofman stated that the main objective of the service is not to generate income for the company, but to offer gaming experiences. fun and involving for users, while providing financial support to the developers.

Since its launch in 2019 and subsequent inclusion in the Apple One bundle in 2020, Apple Arcade has established itself as a haven for quality gamesmoving away from traditional monetization models and offering an experience without intrusive ads or in-app purchases.

Rofman emphasized that Apple Arcade does not seek to follow general trends in the mobile gaming world, but rather to provide a space for unique and innovative games who would otherwise not have the opportunity to prosper.

Apple Arcade en Apple TV

Apple's commitment to content suitable for the whole family was also highlighted by the executive of the Californian company, underlining the importance of offering a safe and worry-free environment for parents, where they can trust the quality and integrity of the content available.

The future of Apple Arcade

The cut in payments and the cancellation of projects is something that is leading Apple Arcade to problems with some developersbut Rofman assured that the Cupertino company is committed to support independent studios and encourage creativity in video game development.

With more than 200 titles in its catalog, Apple Arcade continues to prioritize quality and commitment of the user, seeking to offer unique and memorable gaming experiences.

Apple Arcade stands out as a platform that redefined the mobile gaming landscape by focusing on fun and creativity, demonstrating the Apple commitment to excellence and innovation in digital entertainment. The guys at Tim Cook want to continue in that line, leaving economic income aside and giving the user the opportunity for an unrivaled gaming experience. This is what Apple has always been the best at, and it will be difficult to get it down from there while they have these policies so customer focused.

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