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WhatsApp launches a new function that will allow you to organize better and this is how you can activate it – Teach me about Science

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The star messaging application, WhatsApp, It surprises us all with this new function that it has integrated into its platform, since it will allow us to hold events with friends and family and here we tell you how to activate and use this function step by step.

The company’s messaging platform Metahas impacted us all with this new tool that includes the creation of events in the chats of friends and communities.

This new function amazes us with its arrival, since it is one of the functions that we expected to schedule different types of events with our family and friends, from a birthday party to trips, to mention a few, since this messaging is witness to several events that we carry out and plan each year.

With this new tool, you will be able to specify the date, time and place where the event will take place, which makes it easy to view for all members of the group, in addition to being able to schedule reminders automatically so that no one forgets. .

Like all WhatsApp functions, it is very easy to use and schedule an event with this new tool, so shared the owner of the blog TheSpAndroid.

The function of scheduling events will be linked directly to your personal calendar and if any modification is made, it can be edited and all members will be notified of the changes, without having to notify them personally, which will guarantee that everyone is updated.

This tool will allow you to schedule social events, so that you can meet with your friends and family somewhere physically or digitally, such as in calls and video calls with all members of the group.

As we mentioned before, it will also let you schedule notifications and reminders, so that the organization of the event is more agile and easier to organize.

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This innovative and practical tool will help us plan events of all kinds with the contacts we have from a group, making the organization easier and simpler to carry out.

If necessary, it will also allow you to modify the conditions of the event and automatically notify all guests.

To use this tool, you need to create a group or community with your contacts that you want to invite and create the event, an option that will be available in the clip found in the bar where we write, in this way WhatsApp will send a notification to inform everyone that an event will be held soon.

You can view these events in the group information section, in the events option, where the list of scheduled events will be displayed, and when you click on an event, it will give you all the details of the event, date, time and place.

This function is still in testing, so you can only access it by obtaining the Beta version of WhatsApp, which you can download by clicking HERE.

Last year the development of this tool was leaked on social networks and now WhatsApp has it for you, we hope that soon the Meta company will launch new functions to the entire public that will amaze us and meet our needs.

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