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Xbox February Update Announced: New Features Arrived in Mobile Application and Console!

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Microsoft expected Xbox to announce the February update. The desired touch controls are also added to the mobile application of the console, which brings several innovations. Previously, those who wanted to play games remotely could do so by connecting a controller to the phone.

Xbox, which has recently been rumored to have exclusive games coming to PlayStation, will make a statement about this issue at the event to be held today at 23:00. It is preparing to offer many innovations to users by announcing the February update before the event.

The new update will be available to all Xbox users starting today. The most striking and important innovation of the update is Xbox mobile app It was for.

Xbox February Update Announced: New Features Arrived in MobileApplication and Console!

Touch Controls Coming to the App

The February update to Xbox’s mobile application now allows users to use the “remote play” feature in a more advanced way. In the past, you had to connect the controller to the phone to play games this way.

Now, with the new update, it will be possible to navigate and play games on Xbox with touch controls on the application screen, without the need for a controller. feature both iOS It will also be added to the application on Android devices.

Apart from the application, Microsoft also brings innovations to different parts of Xbox. New thumbstick calibration tool This is just one of the innovations. The controller’s control sticks can now be recalibrated from the Xbox accessories section on consoles.

Xbox February Update Announced: New Features Arrived in MobileApplication and Console!

New Filters Available

New filters and rankings have also been added to the applications and games section of the console. It now offers the opportunity to filter games by categories such as language support, technical features or accessibility.

With this new filtering, it will be possible to check the technical specifications section to see which games are suitable for touch controls in the application. There are also innovations that enable easy sorting of the library.

When “Recently Added” is selected, you can easily see which games are new to subscriptions such as Game Pass.

New Xbox Game Pass Games Announced!

New Xbox Game Pass Games Announced!

Xbox Game Pass continues to increase its number of subscribers and expand its range of games every month. Thanks to this system, which you can subscribe to at a very affordable price in Turkey, you have access to hundreds of games.

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