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Best Voice Transcription Apps

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Converting voice to text is a process that everyone needs from time to time. Some personal or corporate documents may need to be deciphered. For this purpose, there are many applications today that can successfully convert voice recordings into text.

Therefore, it is important to choose the best and most suitable for your needs. Here, we have compiled the best audio recording transcription applications that can make your job easier in our guide below.

Best Voice Transcription Apps


How to Transcribe WhatsApp Voice Recording?

How to convert WhatsApp voice recording to text? If you do not want to listen to voice messages sent via an instant messaging application, it is good to know that you have an alternative option.

Voice Recording Transcription Applications

  • Transcriber
  • Speechy
  • Gboard
  • Google Recorder
  • Voice Notes
  • SpeechTexter
  • Transcribe
  • Speechnotes
  • Just Press Record

Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Fiyat: Free plans usually offer a limited number of minutes or features. If you need more minutes or features, you’ll need to purchase a paid plan.
  • Truth: Check how accurately the app converts your voice to text.
  • Features: Some apps offer additional features like speaker tags, highlights, and search functionality.
  • Availability: Make sure the app is available on the devices you use, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Best Voice Transcription Apps

The application called listens to what is said in real time and converts it into text. In this way, you can both listen to the meeting and record all conversations verbatim.

Additionally, when you integrate the application into your calendar, it defines all your meetings, so you do not need to create a new title for that meeting. All records created in the application can be copied, pasted, edited and shared with others.

You can download from the App Store for iOS and from the Google Play Store for Android.


Best Voice Transcription Apps

The Transcriptor app allows you to translate your notes into the language of your choice and create written content in multiple languages. Corporate companies can facilitate teamwork on the same document by choosing Transcriptor.

In addition to the text translation feature, it also includes an artificial intelligence-supported assistant. When you ask questions about documents such as speech, video or audio recording, the artificial intelligence assistant answers you.

The application is paid, but there is the possibility of using a free trial version. You can try features such as converting text to audio, converting audio and video files to text, and creating content for free.


Best Voice Transcription Apps

Speechy has powerful software that is very assertive in artificial intelligence and voice recognition. The application stands out with its artificial intelligence-supported assistant and more than 80 language detection options.

The app can be easily used while exercising, cooking or commuting by reading documents in audiobook format. Additionally, individuals with ADHD, concussion or reading difficulties frequently prefer the application.

Although it is available on the App Store, it is not available on the Play Store.


Best Voice Transcription Apps

Gboard is a mobile keyboard application developed by Google. It can be used on devices with Android and iOS operating systems. Gboard stands out with features such as multi-language support, fast typing features, emoji and GIF integration, and Google search integration.

It also provides the user with faster and more accurate text entry with artificial intelligence-based suggestions. It allows users to personalize the keyboard experience with theme and customization options.

Additionally, it is one of the preferred applications for converting voice recordings into text.

Google Recorder

Best Voice Transcription Apps

Google Recorder is a mobile application developed by Google and used to record, store and search audio.

Additionally, this app offers users powerful voice recording features and transcription capabilities, making it a useful tool for taking notes, recording meetings, or storing important conversations. It is designed especially for users who need to record audio on mobile devices.

Voice Notes

Best Voice Transcription Apps

Voice Notes is a free voice-to-text application developed for Android devices. Although it is not intended for professional use, it helps you take notes in daily life. It offers you a reminder feature when you add the notes you have taken to the calendar.

You can share voice texts with your friends, save notes to an automatic storage file, and convert your conversations into text format in 120 languages. You can only access the Voice Notes application through Google Play.


SpeechTexter is a free voice-to-text application that features support for more than 70 languages, custom voice commands, real-time continuous speech recognition, and report generation for text notes, email, and blog posts.

The accuracy rate is over 90%. Factors that increase the popularity of SpeechTexter include its easy interface, no download required and being free.

To try the application, you can access it not only through the official website but also through Google Play.


Best Voice Transcription Apps

Transcribe is an application that can convert videos as well as audio recordings into text format, and it derives these features from artificial intelligence technologies. With Transcribe, which supports more than 120 languages, you can take automatic notes from meetings, interviews or videos.

Like other applications, Transcribe can start converting audio recording to text with a single click. However, only iOS users can benefit from the Transcribe app.


Best Voice Transcription Apps

Speechnotes is an application powered by Google technology that provides services through a website as well as an application. Speechnotes, which stands out with its ease of use, can only be used on Android devices. The app includes Google’s voice recognition technology and is available in a free version as well as a Premium version.

Just Press Record

Best Voice Transcription Apps

Just Press Record is an application that includes the features we look for in almost all transcription applications; such as one-click recording, translation and synchronization.

Just Press Record, which is currently only available for iOS users, offers features such as one-touch recording, translation and synchronization between devices. Thanks to this application, you can easily record and use it on all your Apple devices with Decryption and iCloud synchronization.

Translating Text in Photo with Google Translate

Translating Text in Photo with Google Translate

Translating the Text in a Photo with Google Translate – What if we say that Google Translate, one of the most popular translation services around the world, or as it is called in our country, Google Translate, offers great features to the users with its mobile application? Today we will focus on one of these features, the ability to translate text in images.

In this article, we have compiled for you the best voice recording transcription applications that may be useful to you. You can share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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