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buys another startup specialized in deep neural networks

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Apple is clear that it is going to present something important at WWDC related to artificial intelligence. It must be like this, not only for the prestige of the company, but also because the investments will have given a warning to Tim Cook that Apple cannot be left behind in one of the most important transformations remembered since the invention of Google. Consequently, Apple continues to buy companies, patents and startups to develop your neural network. DarwinAI has been the last piece of the puzzle.

Apple only thinks about AI

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DarwinIA, a reputable startup Known for developing deep and efficient neural networks, it has been purchased by Apple in order to be included in iOS 18.

According to Bloomberg, and it is something that Appleinsiders has also had access to, the company was purchased earlier this year, but nothing was said until it was completely official and all employees had been integrated into the intelligence division. artificial from Apple, one of the most voluminous companies in terms of technological development, investment and human capital.

The purchase of this company is a phagocytation without contemplation, that is, there has not been a communion between both entities, but rather Apple has bought all the patents and their engineers.

One of the most important members of DarwinAI, Alexander Wongan AI researcher at the University of Waterloo, has contributed greatly to the development of this intelligence and has also signed on as a member of Apple's artificial intelligence division.

Another of Apple's big acquisitions in this area of ​​AI is WaveOne in 2023, a startup based in California known for developing algorithms that allowed videos and their weight to be optimized. In June of that year, Tim Cook did not hesitate and bought Miraa company that creates augmented reality glasses for other companies.

Apple's big mistake

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We are not going to fool ourselves, it is not common for a company that is characterized by working slowly and at its own pace to start investing right away. 10 billion dollars a month with the goal of presenting something at the June 2024 developer conference.

The reason for this policy is very simple: Apple has dedicated itself to developing other projects because it thought that AI would not explode in the way it has been developed, and it has caught the bull's eye. One of the consequences of the delay in AI is that Apple has canceled the Apple Titan project and all its engineers and patents are going to be integrated into the AI ​​division.

Although it is one of the last companies to present artificial intelligence, Apple has created a closed ecosystem work in which all engineers work in isolation, that is, without contamination from other operating systems, such as iPadOS, to have their AI developed, and then it will be gradually integrated into their systems.

One of the great beneficiaries of the arrival of AI is Siri on the iPhone, Apple's virtual assistant, as well as the iWork suite, with which we can improve our productivity.

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