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Vegeta Ultra Ego from Dragon Ball Super in real life, according to an AI – Teach me about Science

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Vegeta Ultra Ego in real life? Something that could only happen in our imagination, right? Well, a netizen has taken on the task of bringing us a very different vision of the character from the famous anime Dragon Ball.

In recent years, Dragon Ball fever has returned to many old fans, as well as new ones, due to the great news of its return with a new saga, new villains, new adventures and, of course, new transformations.

Of these new transformations, one of the ones that has caught the attention of fans the most is the one that our favorite Saiyan prince, Vegeta, has achieved after rigorous and intensive training.

We are talking about more and less about the Ultra Ego transformation, a transformation that allows the user to reach the levels that a god of destruction has, managing to unlock the powers that one would have.

The physical appearance of the bearer of this power changes noticeably, even with certain characteristics similar to Super Saiyan 3. The user's eyebrows increase in size, facial hair disappears, hair turns purple, as well as his eyes, but with pupils. black.

In addition, the fighting power or 'ki' increases significantly, as it could even be compared to that of the god of destruction. This level could be achieved by Vegeta by receiving the training that a god of destruction would receive.

This transformation was even compared as a counterpart to the famous Ultra Instinct that Goku awakened in the Dragon Ball Super saga, which was well known at the time for its impressive appearance and strength.

We got to see it in action in the cartoon series, but how about seeing it in real life?

This is no longer impossible, since the internet user Kaizen AIwho is dedicated to creating content with artificial intelligence, has taken on the task of creating Vegeta Ultra Ego in real life.

Image credit: Leonardo AI

For this, we must mention that artificial intelligence, also known by its acronym as AI, has been one of the most recent advances that technology has given us.

According to the programming language platform OracleAIs are a program with extremely complex programming, capable of performing tasks that previously only a human could do and learn in the process.

From general AIs, some others emerge that are specially created in order to create content such as images, videos or audio from a textual description, these are known as generative AIs or GenAI.

It was one of these generative AIs that was used to bring us Vegeta Ultra Ego to real life, receiving an overview of the character was able to achieve a fairly successful creation of the cartoon character.

We can see the characteristic purple hair, a pronounced forehead like that of the cartoon character, softer purple eyes and an imposing look. This created from the use of generative AI Leonardo AI.

If these impressive images are created with current technology, when AIs begin to evolve more in their programming, we can expect even more impressive creations.

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