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Duke University is offering a FREE virtual course to learn PROGRAMMING – Teach me about Science

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Are you looking to learn about Programming? Duke University launched a special course to learn about this area, so pay attention that we leave you all the necessary information about the course, as well as a direct link.

Programming is <> in accordance with experts.

The importance of programming in life I would say is quite high, and through it, our computer remains efficient.

Knowing and understanding programming turns out to be an essential tool, since we can greatly expand our horizon in work and educational fields, and even benefit on a personal level, therefore, today we bring you this great course, so take note.

Programming Fundamentals Course

The course is offered by Duke University, and you can find it on the Coursera platform.

Coursera is a platform that is responsible for offering massive and totally online courses, these are supported by the best universities worldwide and taught by highly trained teachers in the hundreds of study areas offered on Coursera.

The course is:

Totally free, so you don't have to learn

To learn at home

With official certification upon completion of the course

With the ease of learning at your own pace, that is, you choose the time when you have the most free time in your day to take the classes.

The objective of this course is for you to delve into what programming is, to learn about the problem-solving processes, as well as to learn how to develop algorithms, read code, and understand how concepts are related to algorithms.

You do not need to have previous experience on the subject, since the level is for beginners and is open to anyone who wants to learn about programming.

The duration of the course is approximately 18 hours, and you will take 4 modules, which will vary in duration, topics and activities to do during your classes.

The modules will be as follows:

Module 1. Introduction with 8 videos, 9 readings and 3 questionnaires, which you will finish in 2 hours.

Module 2. Reading code with 12 videos, 17 readings and 8 quizzes with 7 hours to finish.

Module 3. Guys with 8 videos, 18 readings and 6 quizzes that you will finish in 6 hours.

Module 4. Project with 2 videos, 1 reading and 1 questionnaire that you will finish in 1 hour.

You will take all of the above and learn under the authorship of Andrew D. Hilton, your instructor and who is from Duke University.

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn about Programming! Remember that taking the classes is totally free and you will not have to go out, since you learn from the comfort of your home, and at the end you will obtain an official certification.

If you are interested in the course and want to learn, you can enter directly by clicking HERE to enroll and take the course when it best suits your schedule.

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