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What does 'Motorola' mean and why is the famous cell phone brand called that? – Teach me about Science

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Motorola is one of the cell phone brands that have been with us since we were children, probably for many it was our first cell phone, but do you know what 'Motorola' means?

Cell phones have existed for years, the difference between them and those of today lies in all those functions and updates that they have had over time.

These devices have played an important role in our daily lives since then, allowing us to communicate with those who are not physically nearby at that moment, whether we communicate through calls or messages.

With the changes that cell phones have gone through, we have access to more advanced functions such as taking high-quality photos, listening to music, watching videos, making video calls, sharing locations, among more.

We are sure that in your childhood you had at least one cell phone, and if you had the famous Motorola, then stay, this information will interest you, because we will tell you what the name really means and why they decided to call this great brand of cell phones that way. .

The birth of Motorola

In 1928, brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin took on the task of starting a business in Chicago, with the first name 'Galvn Manufacturing Corporation'.

According to the official portal of Motorolathis small business had the purpose of <>, however, upon learning that some radios ran on electrical energy, the idea collapsed.

Similarly, the same Motorola portal reveals that, after the main idea of ​​the Galvin brothers' small business collapsed, one of the five employees they had, named Elmer Wavering, had the brilliant idea of ​​<>, after manufacturing it, they put it to the test in a car, and had a surprising response when they realized that when the car was turned on, the radio also turned on.

Image credit: Xataka Movil

Now, how do they get the name 'Motorola'?

Within the same period, around 1930, the suffix 'wave' was widely used, as one of those many fashions that, to this day, we still have, but with different words. Therefore, this 'fashion' had a lot to do with the name that was later given to the brothers' business.

<>, it is mentioned on the official Motorola portal.

Taking into account the above, and that the word Motorola is evidently a compound (motor-wave), we clarify that both mean 'sound in motion', and it was then when the brothers' business began to have the famous name. .

Did you know this story? Did you know the meaning of the name Motorola? Many of us had one, or have, in our lives, and the most fair thing is that you know the reason for this name and how the brand that has managed to revolutionize the world of technology was born.

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