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How can you activate “Easter” mode on your Alexa? This is how it is done step by step – Teach me about Science

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Virtual assistants have gained a very important position in our homes. Here we can already find several versions such as the Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, and Apple's smart device. These devices, in addition to being able to tell you the time, set alarms or reminders, are capable of managing other electronic devices, which is known as home automation. Likewise, depending on the configurations they have, they can perform other activities such as answering questions efficiently, giving you information about the weather, playing your favorite music and even monitoring your house.

Cuba's Easter holidays have finally arrived and many people are preparing to go on a trip and others to carry out their cultural practices related to the Catholic religion, so these dates are very important.

A person who believes in the Catholic religion or another in which the dates and events of Holy Week are commemorated, we share with you a pretty good tip to create a positive atmosphere in your home, using your Alexa Echo dotso pay close attention and

Alexa accompanies you during Holy Week: prayers, information and recipes

Do you want to live a Holy Week more connected to your faith? Alexa offers you various options to help you delve deeper into these special dates and that can help create an environment related to the commemorations of these dates.

Prayers and masses

If you are a devout person and you would like to listen to the live mass on Holy Thursday or Good Friday, in addition to the Saturday of Glory, you can use these instructions for Alexa:

Follow the mass of the day: From “Alexa, play today's mass” and listen to the celebration from the comfort of your home.

Pray the rosary: Say “Alexa, let's pray the rosary” and join in this traditional prayer.

Alexa versions, credits to Spaghetti code

Likewise, if you want to know more details about these important dates, you can do the following: Alexa “When is Easter?” to know when the celebrations start and end.

Discover the meaning of this commemoration: Question «What is celebrated during Holy Week?» and «Why is Holy Week celebrated?» to delve deeper into the religious meaning of these dates.

Special recipes that do not contain red meat

In addition to the prayers and important information about these dates, we know that something very typical of these commemorations is fasting and also the recommendation not to consume red meat on these dates. For this reason, you can also ask Alexa about recipes without red meat:

Cook without red meat, if you are looking for options for these dates, ask «Alexa What can I cook for Easter? » and receive delicious and varied ideas.

As you can see, your device Alexa accompanies you on your journey of faith during Holy Week, with prayers, recipes and information related to these very important dates for you. We hope this trick is useful and we invite you to follow us to receive new information daily about science, technology, health, entertainment and other topics of social interest.

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