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Amazon invests a multimillion-dollar sum in the development of cutting-edge AI – Enséñame de Ciencia

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The famous technology and entertainment company, Amazon, has just made a multimillion-dollar investment to stay in the game of Artificial Intelligence technologies, or AI, for its acronym. Here we tell you everything about it.

Since technology took the direction of humanity, things have been gradually improving, as devices and software have been developed that, when applied to daily life, considerably reduce people's stress.

One of the most recent technologies, and the one that has had the most worldwide popularity among all the others, has been artificial intelligence, a technological tool that plans to one day emulate 100% human intelligence, with the aim of creating a virtual being conscious of their own existence and learn from their experiences.

Let us remember that AIs are highly developed software in order to perform complex tasks that only a human could do, and build their own experiences and learning as the tasks progress, this is how it is described. Amazon Web Services.

Now, the deal that Amazon just closed was with the technology company specialized in AI development, Anthropicwith whom they plan to work hard to develop this same technology and thus continue in the technological competition they have with the other companies that create AI.

This business model is focused on Amazon being part of the development of a new next-generation generative AI that is being worked on by the aforementioned company Anthropic.

This AI will be named “Claude 3” and will be a GenAI, or generative AI in Spanish, which is planned to have even greater data creation and analysis power than its most direct competitors.

The objective for which this high-powered AI is developed is to work with companies of any type that seek to implement this technology to their services or servers.

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Likewise, it is proposed to be used for the development of applications also by technology companies that want to work with this new AI technology that is still under development by Anthropic.

The Amazon investment in question amounts to millions of dollars, according to the same statement issued by Amazon's programming branch, Amazon Web Services.

More specifically, the successful company of billionaire businessman Jeff Bezos, Amazon, made an investment in this Startup for the amount of 4 billion dollars, the same investment that will be used to complete the development of ‹‹Claude 3››.

As well as the investment from Amazon, Anthropic has received more investments from other technology companies that are willing to be part of the development of this next-generation AI.

Now, we can only wait to see the impact that this new chatbot with artificial intelligence will have, on which a lot has been invested by extremely well-known companies, such as the case of Amazon, who sees a lot of potential in the development of this new technology.

There are still details to polish, but Anthropic seeks to give a taste of what they are doing, if you want to see the potential that is being developed by ‹‹Claude 3›› we recommend that you visit the AI ​​by clicking HERE.

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