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How to use the app without NanoSIM or chip in your cell phone? This is how it is done step by step – Teach me about Science

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One of the most important applications to communicate with the people we are interested in and with the most contacts is WhatsApp, this important messaging app has become essential for many people, because through this communication platform they can discuss different issues from personal issues, work, academia, business and customer service.

We all know that in order to log in and use this app it is important to have a phone number and receive a confirmation key that allows us to authenticate our account, however, sometimes people do not have the chip or SIM card to be able to open your account and communicate with your contacts, for this there is a very good trick, which can get you out of a lot of trouble.

Today we will share the steps to use WhatsApp without having a nano SIM or chip in your device, so pay close attention and learn something new about technology.

Use WhatsApp without a chip on your cell phone: Quick guide

Do you need to use WhatsApp without chip in your cell phone? Don't worry, follow these steps that are recommended by the Depor portal to use your account if you have a nanoSIM

First get a phone with a chip

-Ask to borrow a friend or family member's cell phone.

-Insert your NanoSIM card into the loaned phone.

Second: download and install WhatsApp

-Search and download WhatsApp on the phone with your chip.

-Follow the installation and configuration steps.

Third: enter your phone number

Choose your language and write the phone number you want to register on WhatsApp. Wait to receive the verification code.

Fourth: Get the verification code

Look for the Verification code 6 digits on the phone with your chip. Enter the code on the phone where you are installing WhatsApp. Put it on and go. You will continue on your new device and you will see what name you want to give yourself.

Logging into WhatsApp, credits to Mag el Comercio

Fifth: Customize your account

Choose a username and profile photo.

If you want, you can restore a backup of your chats.

Start using WhatsApp, connect to the internet to send and receive messages. Remember to remove your NanoSIM card from the loaner phone when you're done.

Tips you should consider

-Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

-You can use a Wi-Fi network or your mobile data to connect.

-If you have problems receiving the Verification code, you can request a voice call. Enjoy WhatsApp without chip in your cell phone.

What did you think of this trick? We hope that it is very useful for you and allows you to continue using your WhatsApp account without the need for a physical SIM card. Likewise, we recommend that you follow us on our social networks and visit us as many times as you want so that you can learn new things about science and technology. , health and entertainment.

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