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We all like to listen to our favorite music and take it everywhere, listening to our favorite songs can put us in a better mood. It helps us combat stress, allows us to set the mood for a place or event and even make a moment or event more special. Music has many purposes in our life and thanks to it we are happy, for many people they may lack everything except music, to be able to have a good day.

There are many paid music platforms on the market, such as: Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Dezeer, Apple Music, among others. However, not all people have the financial means to pay for these paid apps, so they look for other means to avoid being left without their favorite songs. If you find yourself in this situation, we can tell you that there are free music applications that can be a good option to replace the apps we mentioned above and believe it or not, in Telegram you can also listen to your favorite music, that's right, this is now possible Today we will tell you how to do it.

As you know, Telegram is an instant messaging application, which is a very strong competitor for WhatsApp, line and other apps in the same segment. It is an important social network that is quite robust and when everything fails, Telegram It is there to save us, as we recently saw when we experienced several Meta applications crashing.

In addition to allowing the amazing sharing of a large number of files in a securely private and protected way, Telegram is capable of hosting songs from your favorite artists.

Download free music with Telegram: quick guide

If you are looking to listen to your music, but you do not have enough financial capital to pay for a streaming app, we share that Telegram offers you an alternative thanks to its bot VK Music Bot.

How does it work?

Surely the first thing you wonder is how it works or how it can hold so many songs, don't worry, just follow these simple steps to start listening to your favorite music:

First: Download the Telegram app on your Android or iPhone device.

Second: Open Telegram and search «VK Music Bot».

Using the “VK Music Bot” bot from Tlegram, image credits to Enséñame de Ciencia

Third: Join the chat and select “/start”.

Room: Choose how to search for your song: by name, artist or album.

Quinto: Select the song you want to download. Press the “play” button to listen to it.

What are the advantages?

Thanks to Telegram You can download free music without the need for an internet connection. Listen to your songs with the screen off to save battery life and also access a wide catalog of music.

What you should take into account

You have to consider the following, as it is a messaging app, it may have all the songs that exist on the network, so the availability of the songs may vary. It is important to use the official Telegram application for greater security. Now you can enjoy your favorite music without limits.

We hope that this trick is very useful for you and allows you to listen to your favorite artists. If you liked this entry, remember that you can visit us as many times as you want to learn something new. Have a great week.

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