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The future of Apple device control lies in this new invention

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Technology is changing the way we interact with devices and the environment. Apple knows this, and that is why they have made their own commitment to the virtual reality environment with the Apple Vision Pro. However, the integration of technology and humans is increasing. There are already companies that have launched disruptive proposals, such as Humane AI Pin. And recently a proposal from Californians has come to light, which we are going to explain to you in this article.

On this occasion, it has been the specialized medium Patently Apple who has echoed the registered document. What those from Cupertino have patented, according to what they explain, is “a new handheld device that can be attached to the user.” In a proposal that is considered “similar” to that of Humane AI Pin, this new team It would serve to “interact with other devices that are close to the person.”

The comparison that is carried out with the Humane AI pin is due to the construction and the philosophy of use. However, one of the keys to the device that already exists is that artificial intelligence is a pillar. Regarding what those from Cupertino have patented, “it is unknown at the moment” if it will have the same integration and functions with AI.

The new Apple device will go in your hand

The name of the patent is “Handheld electronic device with contextual input-output capabilities.” The conception of this device is that it is manageable and small, so that it can fit in our hand.

In the same way that with the Apple Vision Pro we have a material environment with which we can interact, and that in the Apple ecosystem, all products can communicate with each other, now the next step is for us to be We who, depending on what surrounds us, can do more or less things, thanks to this device.

Zoom en Apple Vision Pro

The patent images show a simple construction of this new equipment: a casing with integrated electronics and a top cover. It is seen that this device would incorporate a small screen with information that would change depending on the products it detects around it, and that it would have a circular shape.

Apple's multipurpose device

Different products from the Apple ecosystem are appreciated, such as an iPad, AirPods or a HomePod. And in reality, the technology system would not only be this product. It would be the set of all products that can be managed with this sphere.


In the same way, different physical rooms are observed in which it could be used. One of the examples they show is that, if we are using it in the cocina, this gadget works as a timer. Another everyday situation that is shown is that this device, if it detects a luz, can be a switch for her. Or if we place it in the fridge, we can make a shopping list. Away from home, if we are in a museum or art galleryand we are wearing AirPods, the team knows how to interpret the work and a description of it is carried out.

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