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One of the most turbulent and controversial episodes in Apple's recent history was the decision to change the keyboard system on MacBooks. Where we previously had a traditional scissor system, we moved to a keyboard called Butterfly, which promised to revolutionize the market. However, not only was it a failure, Californians had to apologize and launch free replacement programs. Now, however, this program is coming to an end.

After realizing the failure of Butterfly technology, Apple redesigned the scissor keyboard on its computers again. However, for the models that still have this key system, Apple had free key replacement and repair programs. But there is little time left.

It was the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors who reported this news. These replacement programs, as they explain, were launched in June 2018. And six years later, they announce that this will end “soon.”

After six years, goodbye to the Mariposa replacement program

What is the date when Apple is going to end the Mariposa keyboard replacement program? From MacRumors indicate that the date chosen by the company is next month November 2024. Therefore, from then on, even if we have a MacBook model that fails, we will no longer be able to repair it for free.

All laptop models that had a Butterfly keyboard, at the time, were redesigned to mount the scissor system that all Macs currently have. However, even though we no longer have this system, this does not mean that there are no models that are still being used (and failing). A server, who writes the lines that you yourself are reading, is using the Mariposa keyboard on his 2017 MacBook Pro with 2 Thunderbolt ports.

If you have this MacBook with a Butterfly keyboard, take it in for repair

Which are the portable Mac models that can still be repaired in the free replacement program? On the Apple Store website they show the following:

  • 2015 12-inch MacBook
  • 2016 12-inch MacBook
  • 2017 12-inch MacBook
  • 2018 MacBook Air (13-inch)
  • 2019 MacBook Air (13-inch)
  • MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 with two ports
  • MacBook Pro 13″ 2016 with four ports
  • MacBook Pro 13″ 2017 with two ports
  • MacBook Pro 13″ 2017 with four ports
  • MacBook Pro 13″ 2018 with four ports
  • MacBook Pro 13″ 2019 with four ports
  • 2016 15″ MacBook Pro
  • 2017 15″ MacBook Pro
  • 2019 15″ MacBook Pro

macbook pro 2017 13 inch

In order to repair them, the process is simple. We have to make a backup copy (either in external memory or in the cloud) of all our data. You must make an appointment at an Apple Store in person, or go to the telephone service. The case is analyzed and taken for repair.

Although this repair program is free, Apple explains that, in the event that other damage is found on the computer, it will have to be repaired (paying for it), before they can fix the problem with the keyboard. Butterfly.

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