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This is how my iPhone looks six months after using it without a case

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On the front, next to the Dynamic Island We found a small scratch, and on the back, on the chassis from camera, another of identical proportions. Therefore, the first conclusion I draw is that this iPhone is resistant, and much more so than generations like the 12 or 13, and that is that after the same period of time, the device had some marks of wearabove all sides.

Why is it so resistant then?

The main reason why our iPhone is resistant is because of the construction and the materials that uses the chassis and the screen. Specifically, we are referring to the Ceramic Shield. Although it has been introduced since the iPhone 12, its features have been gradually optimized, improving the quality of use and postponing deterioration.

iPhone 15 and its dynamic island with notifications

According to Apple estimates in California, the technology Ceramic Shield It improves performance in falls by 400% compared to the iPhone 11, and three years later, we could say that this improvement has increased by 50% more. Why do I say this? From my own experience. Six months after having the iPhone and with practically the same use, the wear and tear was much greater.

The year after its launch, the same year I bought it, different bulges appeared on the back of the chassis near the edges as a result of always carrying it in my pocket or backpack. In addition, greater wear is observed on its sides as a result of the skin that is gradually being removed from the components that protect the device. So, is it crazy to carry your iPhone without a case? A few years ago, that is, with the X, XS and even 8 terminal, it was crazy, because the presence of the glass made it very vulnerable to impacts.

Currently, with the presence of aluminum and of titanium, the resistance has increased considerably, completely losing the fear I had when the terminal fell for the first time. In this sense, I just have to thank the guys from Cupertino, since now we can enjoy our smartphone a little more.

iPhone 15 y 15 Plus

How has my experience been with other iPhones?

With the iPhone 7 and the iPhone X after a year, the wear marks were much higher than those obtained with this generation. In fact, we could say that the iPhone

iphone x

The surprising thing about this device is that even though the fall caused screen breakage and another fall two years ago, the back breakthe device has been completely functionaldespite the serious damage it presented.

Despite the current state, I must say that it didn't break on the first fallbut when it had already been hit several times on the ground, so, good job of containment by Apple even though the materials were not the best.

The iPhone XS had the same construction materials as the iPhone

Unlike the previous generation, the iPhone XS After even a year it had practically no damage, only some wear on the device materials as a result of the oil on the skin. Of course, on the back of the chassis, it presented some micro tears on the edges, a normal appearance because obviously, during the year it impacted the ground more than once.

iPhone 12

The situation changed completely with the iPhone 12 Pro Maxterminal that, as indicated above, had the protection Ceramic Shieldextra protection and that, honestly, has been noticed with the general wear and tear that the devices suffer every year.

In conclusion, my experience cannot be extrapolated to other users, since it is possible that at any time a bad fall could cause the device to break or bulge. However, my experience over the last six months is that the iPhone 15 can be used under the aforementioned conditions.

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