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What is the 'secret code' everyone is talking about, what does it do and how to use it? – Teach me about Science

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For those who love privacy, WhatsApp has just implemented one of its best tools when it comes to security. The 'secret code', an option that will allow you to be more cautious with chats that you don't want anyone to see.

Since the technological era arrived, many advances, devices, software and more have had direct repercussions on people's lives, since the main objective of technology is to make our daily lives more enjoyable.

However, not everything has been rosy, as there are always those who want to be clever and hurt people, this was one of the main problems with the arrival of technology into our lives.

Specifically speaking, cybersecurity is the issue that has caused the most controversy among the technology community, because although there are those who want to work for a better stay in cyberspace, there are also those who work hard to circumvent people's cybersecurity.

Each company, each software, each application works in its own way on the security it offers to its users, some having better results than others.

WhatsApp, for example, being the communication giant that it is today, is one of the most secure applications known, especially due to the specific work that this application does for mobile devices.

The favorite application of many, WhatsApp, is a leader in global communication as it is an instant messaging application that offers services ranging from sending and receiving messages, calls and video calls, receiving multimedia and text files, among many other tools that make it useful. and fun at the same time.

However, like all applications, WhatsApp, since its launch in 2009, has been updating and improving the services it offers to its users, among them a very important one stands out: security.

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Recently, WhatsApp has added a tool that will allow you to hide blocked chats that you don't want anyone to see in the main menu of your app, where all general chats are located.

This tool is the 'secret code', a type of password that will help you permanently hide the chats that you do not want anyone to see. This code works only with blocked chats, this option allows you to save certain chats in a section where only your fingerprint can be entered.

To use the 'secret code' tool, we recommend following the following instructions:

1. Open your WhatsApp application normally.

2. Enter the 'blocked chats' section with your biometric information. If you do not have blocked chats, you will have to enter one, since this new tool only works with them.

3. Look at the top for a 'settings' option.

4. Once inside, look for the 'secret code' tool and press it.

5. Add a code that only you know and click 'next'.

6. Ready, now every time you want to enter the chat for which you configured a code, you just have to write the code in the search bar and it will appear.

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