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How to make your own voice sound in your car? This is how it's done – Teach me about Science

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These days many people go on vacation, they generally look to go to quiet places like the beach, some magical towns, places with nature, to be able to reach them a GPS navigator is required, this can ensure they arrive safely and well at their destination. without setbacks.

The navigation apps that we have on our cell phones such as Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps and similar fulfill this function for free and efficiently, as they allow us to reach our destination in the optimal time and with full knowledge of what is happening. is happening on our route.

These applications allow us to know if there are toll or non-toll highways, if there are alternative routes, if there is any car accident, identify some dangerous areas, what the current climate will be at the place where we will arrive, as well as the flow of traffic. Several of these applications can connect to the car automatically using Apple car play or Android auto.

If you want to give a personal touch to your browser Waze, today we share the steps to be able to configure your own voice so that it sounds in your car and gives you the instructions as you are used to but in a more familiar way. Likewise, you can set someone else's voice and personalize it to use on your trips.

Your voice, your way: Personalize Waze with your own co-pilot

Tired of the same old robotic voices on Waze? Give a unique touch to your trips with your own voice, you won't regret it, learn how to do it quickly:

How can you do it? To achieve this, just follow these simple steps:

First: Open Waze on your Android.

Second: Touch the three lines of the menu and select “Settings”.

Third: Choose “Voice & Sound” and then «Voice of Waze».

Setting up your own voice in Waze, image credits to Xataka

Room: Press “Add a voice” and accept the security alert. You'll see a list of commands that Waze uses on routes. Select a command, tap the microphone, and record your own version.

Quinto: Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each command you want to customize. Not all commands are required to be recorded, but some are necessary for the voice to work properly.

Sixth: Choose “Spanish” as the default language. Give your new voice a name and select it from the list.

Ready, now enjoy your trip with your personalized co-pilot.

Additional tips for you

-Adapt the tone and speed of your voice to your liking.

-You can be creative and add funny phrases or jokes. Share your personalized voice with friends and family. Now you know how to do it, turn your trip into a unique experience with Waze.

We hope that this trick is very useful for you, that it allows you to give dynamism and get out of the routine of your favorite navigation app. Remember that this setting is available for Android devices and you can change it whenever you want. We also share that the first time you configure it, it may take a while for the voice to load, so you will have to select it several times until your voice is predetermined.

This trick is quite fun and could help you play a prank on a friend or feel more familiar with a human voice by instituting the monotone, robotic voice of Waze. We wish you a great holiday and a happy weekend.

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